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Diving at other dive sites all around Canada

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Diving in Canada can be done everywhere. Some of the more well known spots in Canada are Saint Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Superior and the area of Vancouver, but there are several other area's where scuba diving has attracted quite a community of divers. Although harder to get to, less easy to arrange tours and a bit more struggle to arrange equipment, these dive sites are certainly not to be missed for the professional diver who wants to see it all. Remember that the more remote you go the less tourists there are and diving is always best when visibility and marine life hasn't been spoilt and/or scared away.

These parts of Canada are less travelled, particular by divers but there are quite a few other attractions making it worth the trip. You can drive through some spectacular scenery and participate in some difficult but beautiful hikes including those in the Rocky Mountains. Trips to the north with all its ice, snow and primitive way of living will give you a completely different view of live. There are enough fishing, skiing, hunting and wildlife trips that can be arranged also, you can find plenty of cheap hotels to choose from. There are some nice beaches in warmer and sunnier Nova Scotia and all around the country are National Parks and Wildlife Reserves with strict regulations.

Diving in Canada is cold and a thick wetsuit or a dry suit is well advised. Deep but shorter dives tend to have colder water and if you stay shallow you will need a warm suit because of the amount of time you want to spend there. Some of the other better known areas around Canada to dive are the following.

  • The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia has succeeded to create quite a few spectacular dive sites in the Emerald Sea, western British Columbia. They sank hundreds of war ships in places were sport diving has began to set their first steps.
  • Nova Scotia has quite a few area's where diving is popular. You can dive at some spectacular dive sites around Bras d'Or Lake, visit some of the wrecks near Louisbourg or dive in the harbour of Halifax.

But there are other dive sites spread out along Canada. From cold ice diving in the Northern provinces such as Yukon Territories, Northwest Territories and Nunavut to nice lake dives in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Add some French culture to it for dives in Quebec, together with all the dive sites around the Great Lakes and Vancouver and you will have problems deciding which diving holiday you will take. Even in the Trans Atlantic provinces such as Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island (PEI), New Brunswick and New Foundland it is not uncommon to see divers packing their gear.


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